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More than 100 Pedestrians Killed

There have been over 100 pedestrians killed by motor vehicles in the city of Montreal since the incident which took Jessica's life on December 19 2005. You can help us to put an end to these senseless deaths.

Get Involved

You can become involved in The Jessica Campaign by sending a letter to the governments of Canada and Quebec advising them that you won't tolerate this any longer, you want change.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to have 20,000 letters of support sent to the Canadian and Quebec governments.

Only then, can the government understand that we insist on legislation to be tabled for review and change.

We ask you to be street safe and to promote awareness amongst your family and friends. Discuss pedestrian safety and be aware of the black spots near your home, your school, your office and your local park.

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You can report a near miss or an area of concern to the Montreal police by clicking below.

: Email the Chief of Police, Mr. Yvan Delorme

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The Jessica Campaign

'The Jessica Campaign' was started by the family of Jessica Holman-Price who was killed on December 19th, 2005.

Jessica was about to cross a pedestrian crosswalk at Sherbrooke St and Strathcona Ave in Montreal when a city snow removal truck cut the corner too tight.

Due to Quebec's No-Fault Insurance, no one has been held accountable for Jessica's death.

This website is not just a tribute to Jessica, as supporters of the Jessica campaign we ask you to review and send a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking for immediate changes in Quebec's no-fault insurance laws (Article 83.57) to re-instate accountability and demand that Montreal's archaic traffic signals be updated, together with the introduction of truck under guard (lateral) protection legislation similar to that used in Europe.

Dear friends and partners in injury prevention and wellness:

We invite you to participate in this the 4th Annual The Jessica Campaign Safety Week events from August 1st - 7th.


» The Jessica Campaign was started by the family of Jessica Holman-Price, as a way to promote safety for vulnerable road users.

» Safety Week August 1st - 7th each year is a week filled with events focused on safety and "Sharing our Roads".

» Events are planned throughout the province and everyone is welcome to join in our contests.

» We have helmet fittings, bike rodeos, safety inservices, colouring contests, poster contests, essay contests

There is no fee to participate and every entry has an opportunity to win great prizes.


This year again we have bicycles and helmets and much, much more. Please contact us if you would like to organize a Safety Week event in your community. Entries can be dropped at Safety Week events or mailed to us at The Jessica Campaign. All entries must be received by August 7th in order to be entered for the Grand Prizes. Attached are posters which can be distributed to your communities and partners. We Look forward to getting your entries & wish you luck.

» Colouring Contest
» Essay Contest
» Poster Contest

Coady presents Bill to make Canadian roads safer

Siobhan Coady, MP for St. John’s South – Mount Pearl brought the Jessica Campaign to increase road safety to the House of Commons in a private members bill today. Bill C-512 would amend the Motor Vehicle Safety Act to ensure that all vehicles in higher weight categories that are manufactured or imported to Canada would be equipped with side guard protections.

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Medal Of Bravery

Jessica Lauren Holman-Price, M.B. (posthumous)
Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador

On December 19, 2005, 21-year-old Jessica Holman‑Price lost her life while preventing her 10‑year-old brother from being crushed by the wheels of a snow-removal truck in Montreal, Quebec. The two were standing on a snowbank at a busy intersection, waiting to cross the street. When the light turned green, the truck came around the corner and caught the edge of the mound, causing the boy to slide under the vehicle. Ms. Holman-Price reached for him but she too lost her footing and slid under the wheels of the truck. In a split second, she managed to push her brother out of harm’s way before the massive truck fatally injured her.

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Remember TJC Safety Week August 1st - 7th, 2010

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